Flood Relief

Boulder County, CO

A storm arrived in our home town of Boulder, CO area on September 12, 2013 and dumped nearly 13 inches of rain over a few days. A "wall of water" flooded the streets and homes of Boulder County residents and led to much devastation in the surrounding towns. A record 9.08 inches of rain fell on Sept. 12 alone which set an all-time single-day record, nearly doubling the previous record from 1919. A flood of this magnitude is considered to be a 1 in 1,000 year event.

We set out to capture the flood waters a few hours after the water hit its peak levels. The images below are 360-degree images from that morning. Click them to explore the scene from every angle.

Please assist flood victims by donating to BoulderFloodRelief.org or the Red Cross.

Also, FitTrip will donate 50% of a 1-year membership ($59.99) on your behalf. Your name will appear on our Walk A Mile gratitude wall as a show of our thanks. We all have the means to help a little; let’s do it together!

how can you help?

FitTrip Supports Flood Victims

Buy a 1-year membership to FitTrip for $59.99 and we'll donate 50% of that money on your behalf.

Donate to FitTrip

Donate to Boulder Flood Relief

Donate directly to BoulderFloodRelief.org to aid in the relief effort.

Donate to Red Cross

Donate to Red Cross

Donate directly to the Red Cross to aid in the relief effort.

Donate to Red Cross

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